Asset Managers

New technology is driving the way asset managers operate around managing risk, performance measurement and portfolio construction.

Technology is changing how Asset Managers operate, for example how will Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) effect the Asset Management industry in the years to come? Moving the technology infrastructure to the cloud is becoming a much more viable option for core business functions, but it will also allow for opportunities for more easily plugin to bespoke fintech solutions.

Customer expectations are changing too with increased demand for sustainable investments not just focusing on creating an optimal portfolio. This has impacts on the entire investment process and on the data architecture, systems and processes and reporting, both internally and to clients.

At Axxsys, we cover every aspect of the entire value chain for Asset Managers, from investment decision support, order management & trading through to risk management, performance and compliance on top of the core business processes in asset servicing, accounting and reporting.

Our consultants have the experience, knowledge and expertise in the areas below to help guide your organisation through your next large scale change programme by implementing technology solutions that support the vision of the firm.

Data, Cloud and Reporting

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Investment Management Technology

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Investment Servicing Technology

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Wealth Management

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