Investment Servicing Technology

Axxsys is uniquely well-positioned to support clients with our highly skilled professionals with broad knowledge of the industry and expertise across a range of investment management platforms, all with proven delivery track records. We work across the entire financial portfolio of both public and private assets consolidating platforms and delivering value across the end-to-end architecture.

As trusted advisors to our clients, our focus is to ensure that the technology aligns with the business strategy and goals. With our business knowledge & expertise, combined with expert knowledge in the industry’s leading applications we are implementing strategic initiatives for executives while improving daily business processes for end users.

Efficient processing, high degree of STP and flexibility is key for managing investment firms. This service line can help deliver solutions to this key objective covering everything from Performance & Risk Management, Collateral Management, Corporate Actions processing, Treasury/Cash Management, Settlement & Clearing, Fund Accounting to Investment Accounting & Legal Reporting.

At Axxsys we have the critical size and experience of approaching a project portfolio, and can help implement real change in the organisation. We have experts who come from the industry and know the business processes in detail to deliver a successful implementation.

SimCorp Dimension Services

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SimCorp Dimension Services

Axxsys is the leading independent SimCorp Dimension® consultancy and implementation partner. We have an exceptionally strong team of industry professionals with extensive experience of working with SimCorp Dimension®. We have delivered over 40 implementations and migrations of the platform in some of the world’s largest asset managers. Our consultants are subject matter experts and we can also provide resource profiles across the spectrum required for delivering large scale SimCorp Dimension projects including; Project Managers, SimCorp Dimension Specialists, Data Architects, Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Developers, Testing and QA Experts.

Clients use Axxsys because of our proven track record and strong reputation in the market of successful delivery of a range of services related to SimCorp Dimension®, including:

SimCorp Dimension Alternative Investment Manager Implementation Service

Alternative Investments are a rapidly growing asset class for investment managers, but they are also complex and challenging to manage, whichever investment management platform is being used. For firms using SimCorp Dimension® the Alternative Investment Manager module provides an opportunity to manage Alternatives on one integrated system. This is an attractive option for many but not always achievable as organisations often do not have the resources with the required domain knowledge and technical expertise of the SimCorp Dimension (SCD) Alternative Investment module.

To help firms maximise their investment in the platform we have created the SCD Al Manager Implementation Service. The service uses our AxxeleratorTM methodology and is designed by the Axxsys team of highly skilled industry professionals who have extensive experience of large scale SimCorp Dimension projects including the Alternatives Investment Manager module. Our team will ensure that Alternatives are fully integrated in SimCorp Dimension, all associated processes and workflows.

Axxsys™ Approach

Our flexible engagement model is tailored to the needs of the business. It can be deployed for the whole project or at any point in the implementation process, whether that be in the design, execution, or post implementation process. Our service is based on the Axxsys Axxelerator™ methodology that incorporates a detailed set of tools, templates and best practices optimised to deliver an efficient and cost-effective implementation of the Alternative Investment Manager module.

We take pride in understanding the client needs and challenges with their existing setup and their requirement for a future and more scalable integrated platform. Our experienced consultants help design the new target operating model, incorporating the Alternative Investment Manager module, that will deliver a high degree of flexibility, enable innovation and improve operational efficiency, allowing firms to adapt to market changes and embrace investment opportunities.

We will work with the client’s team, and the vendor where necessary, to develop a four phased plan to implement the new target operating model:

Evaluation: Carry out detailed analysis of the current state to identify system gaps well as within the organisational setup.

Preparation: Design an operational structure which ensures the organisation achieves the desired benefits from the new setup in SCD and at the same time mitigate operational risk and provide transparency of all alternative investments. In addition, we help the client with data cleansing and simplifying data structures where required to support the goal of a scalable and flexible setup.

Implementation: Execution is delivered within a strong project management framework which provides transparency and clear communications throughout the project based on detailed project plans developed and agreed with all stakeholders. The plan will include facilitating User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of all integrations both up- and downstream, troubleshooting as required and regular status reporting to management.

Post Implementation: Ensure all relevant staff are fully trained to run the new installation and all processes and workflows are properly documented. Ongoing support is also available if required. Our goal is to ensure the transition from legacy setup to future setup runs efficiently, as expected and is business ready.

Using our Alternative Investment Manager Implementation Service will ensure that Alternative Investments are fully integrated and a natural part of the set up in SimCorp Dimension with no workarounds.

SimCorp Dimension Backlog Remediation & Operational Support Service

The ongoing management of a complex investment management platform such as SimCorp Dimension® (SCD) is a significant and important undertaking for organisations to ensure they achieve the expected return from their technology investment. This is the case with a new implementation or an established installation. Examples of ongoing operational challenges could be production issues, different levels of change requests or ensuring relevant staff are sufficiently trained to use the platform. All of these impact the ability of the firm to optimise operations and gain full value from the platform. These are often referred to as Day 2 issues and packed into a change backlog and handed to IT to fix, but in many cases there isn’t sufficient resources available in the business to focus on these changes, resources that need a good understanding of the business and the platform.

To support an organisations ability to deliver efficient and effective operational support, Axxsys have designed the SimCorp Dimension Backlog Remediation and Operational Support Service to specifically tackle this backlog and to allow the firm to self manage the platform. The result is the organisation is in a much stronger position to fully utilise the benefits of the platform to grow the business and have the flexibility to be able to respond to market changes efficiently.

Axxsys™ Approach

Our flexible engagement model is tailored to the needs of the business and is based on the Axxsys Axxelerator™ methodology that incorporates a detailed set of tools, templates and best practices optimised to deliver an efficient and cost-effective service to our clients.

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and challenges with their post implementation support, whether that is around backlog remediation or ongoing operational support. Our SimCorp Dimension Backlog Remediation and Operational Support Service, developed by highly skilled and knowledgeable consultants, is based on 4 typical phases:

Discovery & Baseline

  • Establish a clean baseline of all day 2 issues, categorising each item as either a defect, change request or production issue
  • Identify early quick wins and start delivering immediate value
  • Align the Axxsys consultants expertise with individual team members or functions to ensure a cohesive approach

Remediation Strategy & Plan

  • Develop a detailed strategy and plan, introduction of ‘best practice’ on how to deliver the backlog changes, identifying common solutions and design patterns
  • Embed tailored training with the backlog fixes to ensure internal teams are up-skilled to use SCD and future maintenance

Quick Wins & Quality Assurance Improvements

  • Accelerate delivery of quick wins and start implementing more complex backlog solutions
  • Enhance the internal QA and deployment process ensuring all changes are business ready and fit for purpose

Backlog Fix & Operational Support

  • Augment the existing IT and Operations support team for on-going maintenance, issue resolution and future changes

SimCorp Dimension End to End Migration Service

As the markets leading independent SimCorp Dimension® consultancy, managing migrations has been a core part of our business for a number of years and is built on a strong team of highly skilled industry professionals with detailed knowledge of SimCorp Dimension. We have worked with data migration driven by green field implementations of SimCorp Dimension, mergers as well as consolidation of internal applications. We have developed a model that manages data migrations from start to finish and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the clients business. We understand the wide ranging impact across the organisation of a major systems migration and recognise the project must be business driven, while considering the SimCorp Dimension configuration, core businesses processes, data structure and the data available from the legacy applications.

Axxsys™ Approach

We provide a flexible engagement model that is tailored to the needs of the business. It can be deployed for the whole project or at any point in the migration process. We are driven by the firms strategic objectives and our goal is to ensure the business achieves the expected benefits from the project.

Determining the scope of the project is key to delivering a successful migration, this includes:

  • Definition of scope and strategy for System Migration as a whole
  • Definition of scope and approach for Data Migration
  • Assignment of business and technical resources
  • Hardware setup and software installation
  • Configuration of SimCorp Dimension
  • Creation of reference and static datasets specific to the client
  • Compliance with Internal and External Audit documentation requirements
  • Go-Live Plan with full Runbook for the new platform

Our service is based on the Axxsys Axxelerator methodology. Our SimCorp Dimension Migration Axxelerator incorporates a detailed workflow and comprehensive range of activities that manage the migration from start to finish.

There are three distinct phases of the data migration workflow:

Discovery: A Toolset provides a high-level framework which can be easily customised to address the needs of the client.
Playbook: Overall plan for the data migration process, outlining all project tasks and providing indicative timescales for each.
Runbook: Detailed plan of the go-live activities, records progress as the migration moves towards becoming business ready.

SimCorp Dimension NAV Optimisation Service

For investment managers, delivering accurate and timely NAV data into the organisation is critical for the business. With pressure from strict publication deadlines, it becomes particularly challenging to ensure NAV accuracy and timeliness across a wide range of funds. Processes need to ensure operational efficiency, as well as a demonstrable level of control. The cost of NAV errors can be significant both in reputational damage and compensation to investors.

With this backdrop we have developed our NAV Optimisation Service specifically for users of SimCorp Dimension, based on our AxxeleratorTM Methodology. The Axxsys team are highly skilled industry professionals with detailed knowledge of SimCorp Dimension and have worked on multiple NAV Optimisation projects in the UK, Mainland Europe and North America. Our team focus on a deep dive analysis of processes and workflows to identify areas of improvement in running times and error resolution times.

AxxsysTM Approach

We provide a flexible engagement model that is tailored to the needs of the business. It can be deployed for the whole project or at any point in the NAV Optimisation process. Our service is based on the Axxsys Axxelerator™ methodology that incorporates a detailed set of tools, templates and optimised operational processes to deliver accurate production of start of day NAV data.

Working with the client’s business and technology teams we set up a series of cross-functional and workstream aligned workshops to examine the business process flows identifying pain points and blockages. We also carry out a deep dive analysis of the SimCorp Dimension NAV configurations. The outcome of the workshops and the system review is a series of detailed recommendations and a plan for their implementation.

Our proven methodology is based on two distinct phases which will determine the design of the final solution:


Onsite / Remote workshops with business and technology representatives to walk-through the following areas:

  • Daily Operations and Runbook
  • Review of process dependencies and sequences
  • Review of common mistakes and inconsistencies
  • Pre-NAV SL Dashboard
  • Daily NAV Workflow
  • Market Data Validation
  • NAV Calculation

Deep Analysis & Solutions Identified

  • Analyse relevant processes, data areas and infrastructure
  • Analyse list of findings including pain points and process dependencies
  • Online / offline analysis of key SCD configuration items
  • Analysis of recorded exceptions, errors and execution time for Batch and STP processes
  • Recommendations benchmarked against experience from previous SCD engagements
  • System performance tests designed and executed to establish the viability of proposed NAV optimisation changes
  • Delivery of recommendations, including costed implementation plan for the proposed changes

SimCorp Dimension Performance Measurement & Attribution Service

Accurate measurement and reporting of investment decisions is a fundamental prerequisite for managers of financial portfolios. Requirements for performance and attribution reporting are driven by asset owners and regulators, and the investment managers themselves also need proper ex-post analysis tools to gauge and tune their investment decision processes. For SimCorp Dimension® users, the Performance Manager has the capabilities to manage these requirements, but firms often do not have the available resources with the level of specialist performance knowledge together with technical expertise of SimCorp Dimension (SCD) to benefit fully from the system.

For firms faced with this predicament we have developed the SimCorp Dimension Performance Measurement and Attribution Service. The service has been created by our highly skilled consultants with detailed knowledge of the benefits from using the modelling concepts in SCD and understanding key dependencies such as Portfolio Structures, Valuation, Static Data, Compliance, Investment Structures, Modelling concepts and NAV calculations. Our team will deliver a ‘best in class’ Performance Measurement and Attribution solution that will ensure organisations achieve full benefit from their technology investment.

Axxsys™ Approach

Our flexible engagement model is tailored to the needs of the business. It can be deployed for the whole project or at any point in the implementation process, whether that be in the review, design or execution process. Our service is based on the Axxsys Axxelerator™ methodology that incorporates a detailed set of tools, templates and best practices optimised to deliver an efficient and cost-effective Performance Measurement and Attribution process in the organisation.

We work closely with the client to understand their needs and challenges and complete a thorough review of the existing system to identify any gaps, pain points or areas of potential improvement. The review covers performance calculations, valuations, measurements and attribution. In addition we complete a review of any benchmarks that have been established and also adherence to GIPS requirements where relevant. There would also be a focus on the key data components around market data, static data and regulatory data and include reviewing dependencies on external systems (e.g. Factset, Bloomberg, Blackrock Aladdin, Broadridge, StatPro).

The analysis would also extend to important areas such as:

  • Ensuring there is maximum consistency (with explainable differences) between NAV reporting and performance reporting
  • Best Practice design for external and internal performance and reporting frameworks

Additional consideration in the review would focus on the end-user experience for:

  • Middle Office
  • Front Office
  • Senior Management
  • Client Managers & Clients
  • Sales (GIPS)
  • Other external reporting requirements

Axxsys would present a report of recommendations, including a ‘proof of concept’ if required, before taking to full production after thorough QA testing from our consultants with specialist knowledge of performance & attribution.

SimCorp Dimension Upgrade Service

As the markets leading independent SimCorp Dimension® consultancy, we have been managing major upgrades at investment management organisations around the world for over 15 years. Working with the most recent release of the investment management platform has obvious benefits but major upgrades consume staff and systems resource and in many cases firms do not have the skilled resources available to manage the upgrade, which are often complex projects affecting many parts of the business. The Axxsys team are highly skilled industry professionals with detailed knowledge of SimCorp Dimension and have worked on many upgrade projects in the UK, Europe and North America. We have developed a robust Upgrade Service which help our clients to realise the benefits from the new release, with minimum of effort and cost, and creates a standardised framework for future upgrades. Our SimCorp Dimension Upgrade Axxelerator is proven to enhance upgrade times and efficiency and ensure upgrade continuity for the future.

Axxsys™ Approach

We provide a flexible engagement model tailored to the needs of the business. It can be deployed for the whole project or at any point in the upgrade process. We are driven by the firm’s strategic objectives and our goal, using our unique combination of systems and business knowledge as an independent consultancy, is to ensure the business achieves the expected benefits from the upgrade.

Our service is based on the Axxsys Axxelerator™ methodology. Our SimCorp Dimension Upgrade Axxelerator incorporates a detailed workflow and comprehensive range of activities that manage the upgrade successfully in a timely and cost efficient manner.

In collaboration with the client, and the vendor where required, we develop the upgrade design framework. This ensures we fully understand how the business uses the system across investment operations, which will lead to more efficient testing coverage, reduce unnecessary testing and provide solid justifications for the implemented test cases. The objective is to ensure the framework is designed to deliver a cost efficient and secure upgrade process for the business.

The execution of the upgrade is based on the upgrade design framework. This framework then becomes the standard and is repeatable for future upgrades which for SimCorp Dimension occur at least once a year. The framework will also focus on the implementation of new functionality in the release and ensure business readiness for going live. Using our SimCorp Dimension Upgrade Service creates continuity for future upgrades and provides cost efficiencies with firms already having a proven basis for implementing the new upgrade.


In addition, we can provide specialist tailored services for:

  • Axxsys SimCorp Dimension Process Modelling Service
  • Axxsys SimCorp Dimension Data Management and Client Reporting Service
  • Axxsys SimCorp Dimension System Set-Up Review service
  • Axxsys SimCorp Dimension Support Service
  • Axxsys SimCorp Dimension Platform Review & Optimising of Operating Model

Process Optimization

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Process Optimization

Is your organisation suffering from an unclear definition of core roles & responsibilities? Do you have a clear picture of handshakes between the different teams in the value chain? Are you late delivering key reports, figures and calculations? Do you know where the bottlenecks are in the organisation? Can you bring on more new clients without increasing the cost base? With the Process optimisation service you will benefit from understanding the current process model in a graphical overview and a suggested future process model mapped to each part of the value chain for the defined core processes.

Collateral Optimisation

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Collateral Optimisation

To have an efficient process which at the same time also contributes positively to the P&L, the starting point is the Operating Model. The execution desk or portfolio manager need to have full transparency on the cost of the trade, to be able to make a decision. Collateral Management is optimising the long box, making best use of the collateral available and stress testing the collateral to document the quality. With the Axxsys Collateral Optimisation service you will move away from viewing collateral management as admin.

Structured Products & TRS Modelling Service

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Structured Products & TRS Modelling Service

How can you create Total Return Swap exposures and at the same time not put extra work onto your Operations team? How can you create structured products utilising your illiquid book of assets and selling synthetic exposures wrapped in a marketable construction? With this service Axxsys can help implement robust & transparent solutions that will increase flexibility in the Front Office without raising the cost of the platform.

Investment Management Platform Review and Operating Model Optimisation

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Investment Management Platform Review and Operating Model Optimisation

Comparing your organisation to a benchmark of peers? Are you able to run a more efficient value chain at a lower Total Cost of Ownership? Are you taking full advantage of the technology developments? The Axxsys Platform Review will provide you with a health check and suggested road map to stay ahead of the curve.

Migrating SimCorp Dimension® to the Cloud

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Migrating SimCorp Dimension® to the Cloud

Many companies are looking at ways to reduce or eliminate investment management platform upkeep, and its impact on day-to-day business activities by moving critical business applications from on-premise to a hosted cloud-based infrastructure, where service providers such as e.g., Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud become responsible for technical operations and platform maintenance.

Historically monitoring, maintaining, and upgrading infrastructure and business applications installed on premise was by many firms seen as a necessary activity to support their ongoing business activities. Today it is an activity that very rarely is seen as something that adds much value to a company’s business or seen as a core business differentiator. Running a legacy application on an old platform may even have a negative impact on a company’s ability to operate and/or result in loss of market shares or reduced revenue.

Moving to a hosted cloud-based infrastructure allows companies to outsource their IT infrastructure, support, upgrades as well as day-to-day maintenance. Such activities are generally offered on a subscription basis, at a known cost and with the ability to scale hardware up and down as needed. Scaling the infrastructure up typically incurs a predefined cost but can be done on short notice. While cloud services may seem more costly than running the platform locally, it reduces the firm’s budget requirements for procurement, implementation/updates and maintenance of on-premises infrastructure and applications as well as can help increase flexibility and security as reduce time to market. In order to assess the advantages and disadvantages of different options, clients usually conduct a rigorous evaluation and selection process, to establish a sound justification for their decision.

We also witness how software vendors are consistently moving away from offering on-premises solutions and toward offering new clients their software applications on an ‘-as-a-Service’ basis. This is seen in particular with SimCorp Dimension® as a service (SCDaaS). A key selling point being that clients should “focus on what they do best” and let the vendor take responsibility for running the hardware and software. We have also observed that many vendors are expanding the number of Business-Processes-as-a-Service (BPaaS) services they offer. Over the last years SimCorp has increased their services with additional offerings such as “Investment Operation” and “Investment Accounting” services.

We expect that these newer services will gain traction and expand further over the coming years while further SimCorp clients take up these services. When companies decide to move to a cloud-based infrastructure or an ”-as-a-Service” offering from a certain vendor, time and resources should be allocated in planning such a transition, as it in many cases includes re-implementing or adjusting existing workflows and integrations to ensure business continuity.

Whether the platform move is initiated by the companies’ IT-strategy, i.e., not wanting to host and manage it themselves, due to a solid business case in using an ”as-a-Service” (SaaS or BPaaS) offering, or a combination of the two, they tend to find the process of selecting the appropriate solution and the actual migration activities both complex and difficult.

We have extensive experience of working with clients migrating SimCorp Dimension to the cloud, in particular we support companies with:

  • Scoping and building business cases for moving applications to cloud
  • Running the evaluation and selection process for agreed in-scope hosting options, leading to a recommendation (considering e.g., business and IT requirements, regulatory requirements, current business flows, project and re-engineering efforts as well as provide input to contractual and commercial aspects)
  • Delivering the cloud migration project, taking on roles such as e.g., program / project management, business analysis, integration and re-engineering of business-critical workflows, test management and user training.

We have created a series of Insights based on our experence with clients that take a closer look at the critical phases involved and explore the main consideration for firms in the plan to move to a hosted cloud-based infrastructure.

  1. Establishing a Business Case for the cloud journey
  2. Cloud Selection Process
  3. Cloud Migration Considerations and Key Activities