Snowflake are all about the data—easily enabling governed access to near-infinite amounts of data, and cutting-edge tools, applications, and services. With the Data Cloud, you can collaborate locally and globally to reveal new insights, create previously unforeseen business opportunities, and identify and know your customers in the moment with seamless and relevant experiences.

Say goodbye to data silos created by legacy on-premises and cloud applications, so you can integrate and analyse data sets that were previously impossible to obtain. Store and access your structured, semi structured, and unstructured data in one location and gain seamless access to external data with similar scale and speed. Use Snowflake Marketplace to securely acquire 3rd-party data sets, tools and applications, and complementary data services—all without having to move or copy data. All the while, let Snowflake handle maintenance, administration, and a host of other automated services so you don’t have to—no knobs to turn, nothing to tweak.

Axxsys is a Snowflake partner and as such our consultants have a deep understanding of their products and services and are able to ensure firms gain maximum benefit from their technology investment.