Axxsys are one of the leading independent consultancy for Linedata products in the UK, and Central Europe, and we have a track record helping clients achieve operational efficiency and running cost effectively.

We started working with Linedata clients in 2003 and have since worked with numerous clients world-wide. We provide project management and implementation consultancy on a number of applications, including Linedata Global Hedge (Beauchamp), LongView and Icon, we also provide post implementation services to the Hedge Fund  and Asset Management industry.

Axxsys has a core team of consultants employed providing these services. Based on regional requirements, or specialist knowledge, we also use our extensive network of specialists located worldwide, to add flexibility to our services.  Our extensive experience of Linedata products gives us a unique position to advice clients on a multitude of areas to ensure they get tangible value from the product. We have a pragmatic approach to client engagement and solutions, working with and understanding the client business and culture to ensure the best solution.